January 14, 2011

Snow Again

It snowed again on jan 10th. This time, it snowed really hard for pretty much the entire day! It was amazing. However, today is the 14th & this stuff is still lingering around. We have only been able to drive the new car 1 time since the day after we got it because of the weather. Which stinks because I'm ready to take it for a drive & to drive it to school. School was cancelled on monday, tuesday, & wednesday. We had a 2 hr delay on thursday. So, that means that we are way far behind schedule now & we have to make up 2 days during our SPRING BREAK....ughhh. That really stinks! I was super excited about the snow, but I'm now ready for it to GO AWAY so I can get back to my normal routine & drive my new car! haha. It was fun for a little while... xoxox-katherine

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