January 14, 2011


It breaks my heart everytime I think about the Tuscon shooting. I'm sad for the victims, sad for the people that lost their lives, sad for the victims' familes, sad for the shooter, sad for the shooter's family, & sad for the US. Yes, I'm sad for the shooter. He obviously is a very troubled human being & I'm saddened that he feels the need to act out in this way. What he did is WRONG & he should be punished for what he did & he shouldn't be excused because he has mental issues. He knew what he was doing when he did it. He had a motive. However, this is what saddens me about people like him...we have people in our country that are this way & it seems as though a lot of times they go un-noticed & their actions go un-noticed. It saddens me that people have to live this way. I wish there was something that we could do for people like this, but we have no way of knowing exactly what is going through people's minds. All we can do is love one another & share the love of God. This is an awful event that has taken place in our country, but I believe that our country is strong & we will make it through this difficult time. I have faith. An innocent 9 year old girl lost her life that day & this tears my nerves to pieces. This little girl was interested in politics, had just become President of a club at school, was just learning to play the guitar, & dreamed of being the first woman to play professional baseball. What an amazing little girl who saw the world in a child's eyes, a little girl that was brought into this world on a day that we will never forget(9-11) & taken to be with the Lord on another day that will be etched in our minds forever. President Obama spoke at the Memorial Service & did a wonderful job. I thought what he had to say was very fitting & inspiring. I will never forget this event & it saddens my heart greatly.... GOD BLESS THE USA

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