April 19, 2011

I'm starting a Blog Award

Let the FUN begin!!

     Ok yall, I decided to start my very own blog award. I will give this award to 6 of my lovely fellow bloggers. The only rules are that you pass the award on to 6 other lovely bloggers & link back to thank the person that gave it you. Hope you guys enjoy! I will first pass the award to:

Hope you guys enjoy!!!


Shutter Love Tuesday (Blue)

So today I'm entering my picture into The Trendy Treehouse Shutter Love Tuesday!
The theme this week is blue!

This is a picture taken while my husband and I were on our honeymoon.
It was in Grand Turk. I took this picture as we were
walking on the dock back to the boat. This picture
was actually on Christmas Day 2009. It's hard
to believe, but we spent our Christmas on this
beautiful beach!! It was amazing! =)

Please link up with The Trendy Treehouse & show us your blue picture!


Top 2 Tuesday

TWO Things I collect:

1) BOOKS- I love to read and therefore I have books everywhere it seems!

2) Anything Vera Bradley- I love all Vera Bradley Products! I especially love the pocketbooks! =)

Link up with The Undomestic Mamma & let everyone know what you collect!


April 17, 2011

The Blog Hop Thing

     My friend April at A Mommy's Sweet Blog Design is hosting a Blog Hop. Please visit her blog & join in on the fun. Great way to meet fellow bloggers & mingle!


April 16, 2011

Relaxing Weekend....HOPEFULLY

     I woke up bright & early this morning. I had a tanning appt. at 8am, but wasn't able to go because I got burned yesterday after getting in...ouch=( This is my first time tanning in a high pressure bed & boy are they good! I've been in for a total of 16min so far in 2 days & I look like I do at the end of the summer usually. I love it! However, I shouldn't have stayed in for the whole 12 min yesterday. Anyways, I learned my lesson & hopefully I won't burn next time. I know that tanning beds are not good for you. I haven't been in them in years because I didn't want to cause harm to myself, however, getting in does make me feel better & it helps my arms. I have a skin condition on my arms & being in the sun or getting in the tanning bed makes my arms sooooo much better.
    Since I woke up so early this morning I have been working on some much needed school work. We have to do 1500 NCLEX questions this semester & I really need to be finishing those up. So, I've been working on those & working on my daily journals for precepting. I have to put together my little notebook to turn in after precepting is over. I also plan on reading some today. We have like 13 chapters on our next test, so I really need to get started on that. JOY! JK.
     I also need to finish laundry & clean up the house today. Again JOY! I do not like cleaning house. I don't think I would make a good housewife! haha. I'm so glad I have a husband that doesn't mind helping out & cleaning up.
     Jason was suppose to race today, but they called it off a few days ago because of the expected bad weather. I look forward to going to the track every weekend & it really stinks when the weather's bad & he can't race. However, looks as though I'm going to have a pretty productive day so I can't complain.
     Today should be the perfect day to get all the things on my to do list accomplished. It's suppose to storm & rain all day. So, it's the perfect day to stay indoors. I love the sound of rain & a good thunderstorm. It relaxes me so much. As busy as my day may seem with all the things I need to do, I will at least be able to break every once in a while & just listen to the rain & RELAX....sounds great already!
     I am also happy to announce that I've gained 2 new followers within the past 2 days!!!! YAY! I'm so excited! And the traffic to my blog has really picked up! This makes me soooo happy & excited! Keep reading people!! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! =)             


April 15, 2011

Jason & I

     I found this on Love, Marriage, and a Baby Carriage & decided that I wanted to do the same!

How long have you been together?
2 yrs & 4 months
We have been married 1 yr & 4 months

How long did you know each other before you started dating?
A few weeks

Who asked who out?
Jason asked me out. Well, actually we had a mutual friend that did a lot of the leg work. haha. Our friend had a huge part in us getting together.

Did you go to the same school?
No. Actually when he was a senior in high school, I was in the 6th grade! Weird if you think about it that way! He's 6 yrs older than me! haha.

Who is the most sensitive?
That would be ME!

What about pets?
We have a dog named Buddy. He is our heart! =)

Where do you eat out most as a couple?
Probably Fatz

Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?
We went on a Caribbean cruise for our honeymoon. We visited the Bahamas, St. Thomas, Grand Turk, and San Juan.

Who has the craziest exes?
Probably me.

Who has the worst temper?
Me unfortunately.

Who does the cooking?
We eat out the majority of time. When we do eat out at home, Jason mostly cooks. I'm not a very good cook, but I do want to work on my cooking skills. It is something that I want to start doing.

Who is more social?
Sadly, we are both quiet. As I get older though, I am slowly coming out of my shell. haha.

Who is the neat freak?
Hmmm...this is a tough one. Neither one of us are neat FREAKS, but we do like a clean house. Our house will be a lot cleaner though when I finish nursing school. Neither of us really have the time to be neat freaks. lol.

Who is the most stubborn?
JASON ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who hogs the bed?
Yours truly! =)

Who wakes up earlier?
Jason. I hate waking up early.

Where was your first date?
The race track. We met at the race track, our first date was to the race track, he proposed to me in Daytona on the beach(where nascar racing started), & our rehearsal dinner was racing themed. Do you see a pattern? I think we may even name our first child Bristol(race track) or Dillon(local race track J races at). Haha. I decided to take some pictures in my wedding dress with Jason's trophy & his racing helmet. I thought this was a neat idea. The picture below is just a picture that was taken by my mama while I was having the pictures done. The portrait ended up turning out great & Jason loved it! Can you tell yet that we LOVE RACING???? =)

 How long did it take to get serious?
Haha. Not long at all. Like a month maybe. We new from the start that we were meant to be!

Who eats more?
He eats more, but I gain all the weight. Go figure.

Who does the laundry?
Both of us.

Who drives when you are together?
Mostly Jason, but I do drive sometimes.

Who is the first one to admit when they’re wrong?
Neither. He is so stubburn & I just hate to admit that I'm in the wrong. I guess that would make me stubborn too. lol.

Who wears the pants in the relationship?
It depends on the situation. haha.

Who eats more sweets?
Me. He doesn't like sweets.

Hope everyone enjoyed learning a little more about us. I thought this was fun!
So, tell us a little about you & your second half! Feel free to link back to me! =)

Boost My Blog Friday!

   It's finally FRIDAY yall! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! How about start your weekend off right by heading over to Boost My Blog Friday at Design It Chic!

Show Us Your Life...What is Your Reading List?

     I love to read, however, nursing school keeps me pretty busy! But, I will be finished in a few weeks so below are some books that I would love to read this summer. I am currently reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson. My husband bought me a kindle for my birthday this year & I really haven't been able to use it that much, so I'm looking forward to getting some use out of it this summer! Here is my list:

What's on your list???
Be sure to link up with Kelly @ Kelly's Korner
& let everyone know what
you're reading!

April 14, 2011


     It's that time of year when girls are getting ready for prom & all the excitement that
goes along with it! I can remember how excited I was when I went prom dress shopping!
It was so exciting & fun! It's been a while since I've been to prom, but I love
looking at dresses, so I've decided that I would post a few of my favorite dresses
that I've seen so far this year. I've done some research & below are some wonderful dresses
that I think are just lovely! Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did!

     I am pretty much in LOVE with ALL of these dresses! This makes me wish
I were back in high school & going to prom! haha.

April 12, 2011

Doing Big Things =)

     I applied for my very first nursing position today! Well, actually two! haha. I applied for a full time and a PRN position. It was so exciting, but nerve racking at the same time. My pinning is exactly 1 month from today!!! YAY =) I can't wait! So many big things are going on for me right now. Graduation, NCLEX, jobs, resumes, interviews, and all of the above! I can't believe the time is finally here. In just a few months, I will be starting my first nursing job!
     My test didn't go so well yesterday. I didn't make the grade that I thought I deserved, but I'm still proud of myself for where I am. Before that test yesterday, the lowest test grade I had made so far this semester was an 80. Which is awesome for nursing school by the way! ha. I studied for the test just as hard as I do the others, but I didn't make the grade. I know I tried my best and that's all that matters. I know that things will all work out. If I'm meant to be a nurse then it doesn't matter what I made a 1 test..everything will fall into place. I just have to have faith and believe. I still have an ok average, so I'm not freaking out, but it does stink because I lost my B average that I had worked so hard for. But, the best nurses out there in the field I promise you, didn't make the best grades. The best nurses are the ones that had to work the hardest for what they got.
     Like I said in my last blog, I'm currently trying to find ways to "structure" my blog.  I guess that's a good way to put it. I want to use my blog as a means to document my life. The good, the bad, and the ugly. haha. I want to use it as a creative outlet and as a way to relieve stress. I also like how other bloggers have days designated for certain topics....like wedding wednesdays or funny fridays, etc. I just can't think of any creative topics to discuss!
     Another thing that I'm having a problem with is getting followers. I have been blogging on and off since january and I think I have like 3 followers. haha. Two of them being family members. So I feel as though I'm writing all this and no one is reading it. If I didn't want to publish it, then I would get a diary. lol. I've tried posting my blog on facebook and twitter, but I just can't seem to get anyone interested. If you are reading this, do you have any suggestions?
     Tomorrow is my second to last day of precepting! Yippee =) I have learned so much! I guess I need to go get my uniform ready and get my bag packed so that will be one less thing I have to do tomorrow. I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far.

April 10, 2011


     So, I have been missing in action for quite some time now.  I was on a roll there for a while, but then things got a little crazy.  I have started precepting and I'm doing so at night.  I have school, studying, precepting, senior project, and everyhing going on all at one time.  So, thereforre I haven't had time to blog.  Hopefully in 32 days (thats when my pinning is) I will be able to blog daily like I had been planning to do the whole time.
     This weekend has been a crazy one.  I have been studying for my test tomorrow all weekend.  I get so tired of studying.  I feel like it's all I do.  Jason had his first race of the season this weekend.  It was suppose to be last night, but it got rained out, so the race was held today.  He started 11th and finished 8th.  He had motor problems, so it wasn't a great way to start the season.  Hopefully, he gets the problem fixed so we can go racing this coming weekend.  I'm so excited that racing season has started.  I love it to death. 
     Since I haven't been blogging, I have been thinking about the direction that I wanted to take with my blogs.  I had been blogging about things that I was doing in the house or wanted to do in the house.  I have now decided that I wanted my blog to be a diary type thing.  Or a place where I can keep up with what's going on in my life and remember the day to day things.  I'm not a great photographer and I rarely take pictures, so I don't think I capture too many memories with my camera since I don't use it.  So, my blog is going to be my way of capturing my life.  One day it will be very interesting to read my blogs about everyday life.
     I'm so nervous about my test tomorrow.  So far this semester I haven't made below an 80 on a test and I would like to keep it that way.  I will be so happy when I'm finished with the program.  It has been the most difficult thing I've ever been through in my entire life.  It will all be worth it though really soon!  I'm so ready to start working and getting settled in a job.  This tuesday the hospital that I plan on working at is coming to the school to host a luncheon.  I'm a little nervous though. 
     I precept my last 2 nights this week and then I will be finished.  No more clinicals in my nursing school career! haha. THat sounds awesome!
     I reckon I better get off here so I can finish up my studying and get some much needed rest. I hope everyone has a wonderful week.
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