January 14, 2011

My Birthday!

For my birthday, went to Logan's Roadhouse with my family the day before my birthday & the day of my birthday, we had dinner at my mama & daddy's house & ice cream cake! There's an inside story to my ice cream cake that I just have to share with everyone! haha. My aunt picked the ice cream cake up on saturday night (the night before my birthday), when she got home, she put it in the refrigerator & not the freezer! She forgot that it was an ICE cream cake! So, the day of my birthday she & my uncle brought the ice cream cake over to my parents. When they got there with the cake, my mama told her to sit it out on the back porch to let it thaw a little because she THOUGHT that the ICE cream cake had been in the FREEZER! Well, when it came time for us to have the ice cream cake, my aunt went out to get it. She placed it on the table, removed the lid & it was so melted you couldn't do one thing with it!!! She then realized what she had done!! We had to take the cake out & put it in the freezer. After a while we got the cake back out & it was still not ready, but it was getting late & time for us to leave. So, we decided to just scoop the cake & put it in bowls!! This was so funny! We laughed & laughed at my aunt. And no, she isn't blonde! haha. She just has blonde moments like me! My birthday was really great! I really enjoyed spending time with my family. I will never forget the story of my famous ICE cream cake! xoxoxo-katherine

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  1. You and Amy are both SPECIAL! I love you!


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