January 25, 2011

Let Go & Let GOD...

Sometimes things are thrown our way that just seem to tear us apart & break us down. It's easy to give up & throw in the towel. So many sleepless nights & tears are shed upon situations in which we don't know how to deal or what the best thing to do would be. I have faced situations like these in my life as I'm sure many people have. I use to give in & break myself down. Talk critically about myself & cry myself to sleep at night worrying about things that I had no control over. I'm so glad that I have finally realized that I can let GO & let GOD! Instead of worrying about situations & problems that I have no control over, I now let God handle these situations. God will never put us through a situation that we can not handle. He is always there with us holding our hand. You just have to believe.

January 17, 2011

Blue Monday..

I've never heard of blue monday, however, I'm definitely feeling it's effects today. I had been feeling down & out just about all morning when I got on my computer & read about blue monday on my homepage. I had never heard of it, but it's statistically suppose to be the most depressing day of the year! I thought this was kind of weird because I had been feeling so down today. I'm really stressed out & worried about everything...school, jobs, etc. I have the greatest family & friends & I have everything I could ever want, but for some reason I was just BLUE when I woke up this morning! Knowing that it was blue monday kind of made me feel better though. Knowing that today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year, it can only get better, right? haha. I'm not superstitious, but I hope that today can be my most depressing day of the year, because it hasn't been half bad! lol.   xoxoxoxo-katherine

January 14, 2011


It breaks my heart everytime I think about the Tuscon shooting. I'm sad for the victims, sad for the people that lost their lives, sad for the victims' familes, sad for the shooter, sad for the shooter's family, & sad for the US. Yes, I'm sad for the shooter. He obviously is a very troubled human being & I'm saddened that he feels the need to act out in this way. What he did is WRONG & he should be punished for what he did & he shouldn't be excused because he has mental issues. He knew what he was doing when he did it. He had a motive. However, this is what saddens me about people like him...we have people in our country that are this way & it seems as though a lot of times they go un-noticed & their actions go un-noticed. It saddens me that people have to live this way. I wish there was something that we could do for people like this, but we have no way of knowing exactly what is going through people's minds. All we can do is love one another & share the love of God. This is an awful event that has taken place in our country, but I believe that our country is strong & we will make it through this difficult time. I have faith. An innocent 9 year old girl lost her life that day & this tears my nerves to pieces. This little girl was interested in politics, had just become President of a club at school, was just learning to play the guitar, & dreamed of being the first woman to play professional baseball. What an amazing little girl who saw the world in a child's eyes, a little girl that was brought into this world on a day that we will never forget(9-11) & taken to be with the Lord on another day that will be etched in our minds forever. President Obama spoke at the Memorial Service & did a wonderful job. I thought what he had to say was very fitting & inspiring. I will never forget this event & it saddens my heart greatly.... GOD BLESS THE USA

Snow Again

It snowed again on jan 10th. This time, it snowed really hard for pretty much the entire day! It was amazing. However, today is the 14th & this stuff is still lingering around. We have only been able to drive the new car 1 time since the day after we got it because of the weather. Which stinks because I'm ready to take it for a drive & to drive it to school. School was cancelled on monday, tuesday, & wednesday. We had a 2 hr delay on thursday. So, that means that we are way far behind schedule now & we have to make up 2 days during our SPRING BREAK....ughhh. That really stinks! I was super excited about the snow, but I'm now ready for it to GO AWAY so I can get back to my normal routine & drive my new car! haha. It was fun for a little while... xoxox-katherine

Loving my Kindle

For christmas, Jason got me a Kindle. I love it! I love to read & the Kindle is perfect because I can now have all my books in one place & carry them with me wherever I go. And I can clean off my bookshelves! It's so lightweight & easy to travel with. Right now I'm reading "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo". So far its been really good. I also want to read Sarah Palin's new book. I only wish I could get my nursing books on my Kindle so I wouldn't have to tote my huge nursing books with me everywhere! I would recommend the Kindle to anyone who loves to read. For some reason, I read a lot faster on the Kindle & finish books super quick.   xoxoxox-katherine

My Birthday!

For my birthday, went to Logan's Roadhouse with my family the day before my birthday & the day of my birthday, we had dinner at my mama & daddy's house & ice cream cake! There's an inside story to my ice cream cake that I just have to share with everyone! haha. My aunt picked the ice cream cake up on saturday night (the night before my birthday), when she got home, she put it in the refrigerator & not the freezer! She forgot that it was an ICE cream cake! So, the day of my birthday she & my uncle brought the ice cream cake over to my parents. When they got there with the cake, my mama told her to sit it out on the back porch to let it thaw a little because she THOUGHT that the ICE cream cake had been in the FREEZER! Well, when it came time for us to have the ice cream cake, my aunt went out to get it. She placed it on the table, removed the lid & it was so melted you couldn't do one thing with it!!! She then realized what she had done!! We had to take the cake out & put it in the freezer. After a while we got the cake back out & it was still not ready, but it was getting late & time for us to leave. So, we decided to just scoop the cake & put it in bowls!! This was so funny! We laughed & laughed at my aunt. And no, she isn't blonde! haha. She just has blonde moments like me! My birthday was really great! I really enjoyed spending time with my family. I will never forget the story of my famous ICE cream cake! xoxoxo-katherine

New CAR =) YAY!!!

On jan 8th, Jason & I bought our first car together!! I was super excited!! We were at the dealership basically all day. They were really busy selling cars that day & we had to wait for ever it seemed like. When we got there, we already knew exactly what we wanted even down to the color & accessories. So the salesman demonstrated the car & then we went out on a test drive. After coming back from the test drive, it was a number game for a really long time....going back & forth with prices until we finally got to an agreement that would work. Jason had bought a car before so he knew the drill, but it was a new experience for me. It was really sad to say goodbye to Jason's gorgeous blue Mustang GT though! We traded his car in for the new one. We had our first date in that car! Its funny how you get emotionally attached to things like a car! Or maybe I'm just wierd. haha. Anyway, we were able to do all the paper work & drive our new car home that day! Our new car is a 2011 Hyundai Sonata 2.0 Turbo. It's the perfect car for us because it's a family size car that still has SPEED! haha.

Back to School

So, I started bck to school on jan 7th. I wasn't thrilled about going back, but I'm beyond ready to be finished with school. I will graduate in May with an Associate's Degree in Nursing. I will take the NCLEX & then be a REGISTERED NURSE! I'm so excited!! Nursing school is probably the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. You have to be completely devoted to it. Its not that the material is super hard, but its like a mental boot camp. Seriously! When I'm in school, I stay stressed out ALL the time. I know though that it will all pay off in the end. May can't get here fast enough!!

December Snow

I wanted to post some pictures of the beautiful snow we had in December. It was gorgeous! There is nothing more exciting than waking up in the morning, looking out the window & seeing WHITE! I love the way snow looks on everything & I especially like the quiet that it brings. We don't get snow that much around here, so when it does snow it always special! Here are some different pictures I took around the yard & town...

My fur baby!

New Years =)

For New Years, Jason & I had dinner at my parents house. After dinner, we then went to spend some time with some family friends who had just lost a loved one a few days earlier. We had such a great time with everyone. We haven't seen them in a while & it was great to catch up. My dad, Jason, & I made a trip to the firework store & then came back & we shot off 1 HUGE firework display right at midnight!! It was beautiful! This was by far one of the best new year's I've had in a while! I only wish my brother could have been there. He was visiting with a friend in Charlotte, NC. This was a great kickoff to 2011! Being with family & friends is what means the most.        xoxox-katherine

I'm New to This =)

Here it goes... I've always wanted to start a blog & I finally decided to do so. I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm giving it a try. This is a new year & I thought this would be a great way to document what I see is going to be a wonderful year here in The Fast Lane.. I say that because I feel like my life is speeding by & I need to try my best to capture memories & the little moments that mean the most to me. I also call this blog The Fast Lane because my husband & I are avid race fans & my husband is also a race car driver! So there will be many blogs dealing with our racing experiences. Since it is already the 14th of january, I have lots of catching up to do on the last couple of weeks of the new year! I hope you guys enjoy reading as much as I enjoy telling my story! =) HANG ON...it's going to be a wild ride!
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