September 18, 2012


I'm soo excited! I just ordered a pre-made design for my blog over at Designer Blogs!! I'm so excited to see what it looks like. I also added some add-ons. You guys should definitely go check the site out. I was so sick of my drab looking blog. Now, hopefully I will have a cute stylish blog. Not quite sure how exactly the whole process works, but hopefully it will go smoothly. I'm not sure if she will add the design or if it will be sent to me & I will have to manually do it? Either way, I'm stoked!
This past weekend was pretty good. I worked friday night & actually had a pretty good night. Saturday J had a race so we were at the track all day. Wasn't a very good race, but I was proud of him anyway. He worked on the car all last week, & then something broke on the car saturday. There is only 2 races left this season. Hopefully he can get the car fixed & straightened out for next season. I feel some wins coming for us next year!
We are going to be painting our kitchen walls & cabinets pretty soon. I get so stressed out when we are fixing to start on a project because I have such a hard time making decisions. I have discovered an awesome website called Houzz. The site is amazing & thats where we are looking for ideas. Later on when I have more time, I will post some pictures of some ideas that we are thinking about.
I really want to paint, get new appliances, new hardwood flooring, & new countertops. However, that is just not possible for us to do all at one time. We are going to start by painting & eventually make some of the other purchases at a later date.
I watched on show on HGTV last night that was pretty awesome. It was called Love It or List It. 9 times out of 10, the people would Love It. You guys should definitely check it out.
I have lots to do so I will be back later. Hope you guys are having a great day!

September 10, 2012

Same Stuff...Different Day

So, it is now 2:07 AM. Yes, I'm still awake. I'm very much a night person. I guess working weekend nights is really starting to mess up my schedule during the week. I do love my job though. I feel wide awake right now, & at 3pm I will feel sooo tired & want to take a nap. I wish I knew something that would help. I've been thinking of trying the new Zzzquil that I've been seeing advertising on tv. What do you guys do when you can't sleep?

Today is September 11th. A day that no one will ever forget. I can still remember exactly where I was sitting when I found out. I was in the 8th grade & sitting in English class. I can remember being very scared & very confused. Please remember to say an extra prayer for the families that lost loved ones on that tragic day. And I would like to extend a BIG thank you to the men & women that protect us & fight for our freedom each & everyday. GOD BLESS.

I feel like I've been in such a rut lately. I feel blah. Like I said, I work on the weekends so I'm home all week ALL day by myself. Its wonderful at times, but miserable other times. I get so bored & tend to stay on the internet shopping wayy too much. Its like an addiction. Shopping makes me feel better. It makes me happy. Just for that moment & when whatever it is comes in the mail. But then, I check my account & want to cry..soo the sadness comes right back to me. So then I want to buy something else to make myself feel better again. Yea, yea, I have a shopping problem. However, it has been 2 weeks now & I haven't purchased more than $50 of "I Want" stuff...I've just bought things that had to be bought or paid for.

I wish I could get myself out of this rut or funk...whatever you wanna call it. I wish I could be disciplined enough to go to bed at at decent time, wake up early, excercise, eat a healthy breakfast, clean, cook, etc. I've tried, but I just can't. I don't know what to do to get myself motivated. I weigh more now then I ever have in my life. I know I need to get it undercontrol now & not wait until it gets any worse. Once again, its a motivation thing. I have none. I don't have but about 30 to 35 pounds that I would like to lose. It sounds like it shouldn't be hard, but getting started is hald the battle. Inspiration & words of encouragement are welcome! =)

I have been pretty good about keeping up with my planner & working in our family binder that I have previously blogged about. I will say that my life is more organized now. I just need to devote some of the time I spend planning to actually DOING.

We really need to paint our kitchen. I just have no idea what color to paint it. Honestly, I'm not a very good interior designer & would rather just point to a picture somewhere & say ok I like that & go from there. We plan on painting it soon, just to make it look a little better. Eventually over some time, we will be replaing the cabinets, countertops, & appliances. Thas is going to cost some major $$. So, we will proceed with small babysteps. Ha. What color is your kitchen?

Well, I think I need to at least go get in the bed & TRY my best to get some sleep. I would like to get out of the bed before 12 tomorrow.

Until next time,

September 5, 2012

A Look Inside

So far I am loving my Erin Condren Life Planner. It is definitely been well worth the money. It keeps me on task & I look forward to checking off my to-do's & filling in my monthly plan! I have also been using my Family Binder along with the Life Planner. The Family Binder goes into wayy more detail & I keep up with all sorts of things there. I will be posting another blog about that later. For now, I have some pictures of my Life Planner. Sorry for the awful pictures & lighting!
There are places to put weekly goals & to do lists:
Laminated montly tabs make it easy to find your spot & they're very sturdy!
Keep it together pocket. I like this pocket, but things tend to slide out pretty easily. So, I wouldn't put anything important here. There is a zip sleeve at the back of the binder that is great for holding things.
This is of course my lovely cover! =)
This is my month of August.
This is the month of August also, but it's broken down into days. Morning, Day, & Nights so you can be even more on point! Ha!
These are the lovely stickers that come in the back of the planner. You may also buy extra at checkout. I love these!!
So, there you have it. A quick, inside look. It has made me so much more organized! Which was the WHOLE point! It's so cute & makes me want to be organized & colorful! I wish the pictures were better, but you guys get the idea! I hope everyone is having a lovely day!
Until Next Time.......
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