October 4, 2012

Front Door

Alright people.
I received my new peacock wreath in the mail today!
I love it.
This picture does not do it justice.
The coloring is a little funky because I took it with Instagram & played with the coloring a little.
Anyways you can find some of Becky's other SUPER gorgeous wreath here at her Etsy shop.
You can also LIKE  her facebook page.
I only took a picture of the wreath & not the whole door because my whole front porch including my door is so drab.
It looks a lot better now since I have my new wreath!
But, I want to put up a storm door & buy 2 plants to go on each side of the door.
I want 2 tall trees/plants.
Any ideas?
Something that can make it through the winter here in NC.
One problem I have, however, is that I don't know what color storm door to get.
I know I want it completely glass, but I don't know what trim to get.
My house has dark brown siding with beige trim.
Yes, I'm trying to livin' this place up a little!
Any ideas for what color storm door to go with?
I may just ride to Lowes this evening to look.
I will definitely let you guys know how everything turns out.
O yea, we went to buy our paint today so we can start painting the kitchen this weekend!
I'm excited!!
Can't wait to see how it turns out.

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