February 15, 2011


Yesterday was Valentine's Day, however, it was basically just another day at our house. Jason & I had decided that this year we were not going to do anything special for Valentine's. We didn't see the need in spending the money in candy & all the typical Valentine gifts. However, on sunday, I had been working on my ER/ICU presentation ALL day long & was pretty stressed out with school. He was cooking dinner & asked me if I would like my Valentine's gift a day early. (yes, even when we had decided not to do gifts) Of course I said yes, gifts always make me feel better! haha. He got me some pink fleece pajamagrams! They are so comfy & super cute! He even had my name monogrammed on them. However, I felt like crap because I hadn't gotten him a thing except a card! I thought that was so sweet of him to do that. I'm really lucky to have a great husband. He makes me very very happy =) xoxoxo-Katherine

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