February 15, 2011

Suggestions please!!

So, I've been thinking today & I think I may paint my shutters & the front door this summer. If you look at the picture of my house (I have one in the post about the snow) you will see that I have a dark brown house with brown shutters. There is only 1 picture in that post & you can't really tell that much about my house. As soon as I get a chance to take some pictures of the house, I will post them because I would really like to hear some input about some different colors. Please comment with your suggestions. Just let me know what you think would look good since my house has such dark brown siding. Right now I'm pondering the thought of black shutters with an apple red door. But, thats just a thought. Thanks a bunch you guys! I can't wait to start this project this summer! =)  xoxoxox-Katherine <3
My second to LAST clinical of nursing school is tomorrow & I couldn't be more excited! I can't wait till MAY 12th!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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