March 1, 2011

A List of My Favs..The things I can't live without!

Hello guys. Today, I will be naming some of my favorite things that make my life a little easier.

#1: Aussie Volume Shampoo-
Love this shampoo! I use it everyday.
#2: Maybelline Mascara- This mascara is awesome! It has
just a little bit of sparkle to it!

#3: Pond's Hydrating Cream- I use this every night
before bed. It makes my face feel
amazing. It really helps my
dry skin.

#4: Shaper Hairspray- This hairspray is
water based so it doesn't leave your
hair sticky and hard. It holds your
hair in place all day & smells
wonderful too.

#5: Vaseline- This can be used for many things, but
I use it on lips especially in the winter time.
My lips stay chapped & this is about
the best thing I could find that
really works. Vaseline is also a great
eye makeup remover. It also works with water-
proof mascara!
#6: Bath & Body Works Candles- I LOVE CANDLES!!
Especially candles from Bath & Body Works. They last
a really long time & they all smell amazing!

#7: Vera Bradley's Pleated Tote-
This tote is amazing! It is just the perfect size. I use
it as my school bag. This tote could serve for so many
purposes. It has plenty of room on the inside with
plenty of pockets. Don't know what I
would do without it!

#8: Victoria Secret Lotion & Body Spray-
I'm in love with almost ALL the scents from VS.
I use VS body lotion & body spray
everyday! It smells wonderful!

#9: Mountain Dew-
My favorite drink in the whole world!
Don't know what I would do without it!
It's my GOT TO HAVE IT drink!

#10: Reese Cups-
Plain & simple...Reese's make me happy =)

And that my friends, is just a few of my favorite things!
What are your favorite things?

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