March 3, 2011

Plans in the Making

     So, my brain has been going nonstop. I wish I could say that I have been studying cardiac all day, however, I have been designing my house in my head all day. I've looked at millions of pictures & designs. I have so much that I want to do when I finish school in May. I'm so excited.
     First, I want to finish painting the furniture that's been sitting in my garage for a really long time now. I plan on finishing that in the morning. I ordered the bedding set yesterday, so it should be here sometime within the next few days. Then all I have left to do in the guest bedroom is accessorize.
     After graduation, when I can finally breathe again, I want to start on our bedroom. I plan to still use our bed set that we have now for a while since we just got it at Christmas. However, I want to paint the walls & do some decorating. Right now I'm still up in the air about the color for the walls. I'm leaning towards a gray. There are many different shades of gray so I know it's going to be a little hard to pick out the perfect shade. I kind of want a blue gray. I really like the color Winter Solstice by Benjamin Moore. Here are some pictures of some rooms painted in this color from google images:

     I want to stick with the blue/brown color scheme which is what our bedroom is already decorated in, however, I want to bring in a blue gray in the walls. Our comforter has a blue gray in it, so I think it will go perfectly.
     I also want to take out a built in vanity area in our bedroom. It's about 6 ft long & it really is wasted space. I don't get dressed there, so I think it would serve a much better purpose if it were a little sitting area. All we would have to do was rip the counter out of the wall & then repair the wall. Add 1 or 2 chairs with a little table & lamp...and bam you have a cute little sitting area.
     I took some pictures of our bedroom today so I would have some before pictures. I can't wait to get started on this.
     Next, I'm going to post some inspiration photos that I've been looking at all day. I think they're all lovely. I like a little bit of every one of them, so I will probably be taking a ideas from several of them. Here are the pictures that are going to be my inspiration:
     (Most of the photos are brown/blue bedrooms, but I want to incorporate gray also....thats why I was thinking of going with a blue gray paint color)
 I like the 2 chairs & little table in the picture below. It's a nice little sitting area.
This is what I want to create in our bedroom now by ripping out that long counter.
 If I don't go with a blue gray paint color, I also like this color below.

 I absolutely LOVE this bedroom below. I only wish I could paint something like that
on my wall or new someone that could. I guess it could also be one of those wall clings that you just stick on the wall. Only thing is, it really doesn't match the style of our bedroom. I still think it's gorgeous though, & couldn't resist putting it on here. I also love the storage at the foot of the bed. I will definitely be getting
some of these. They would be perfect to put blankets & such in.

 The comforter below is the comforter that is currently in our bedroom. This is not our bedroom though.
 If you look closely it's blue/gray & brown. I think the Winter Solstice paint would go great with this
comforter. I wish I knew the color of the walls in this picture because I really like the color.
     So, my plan as of now is to keep the bedset we have now & paint the walls a blue gray. I'm going to take different things from the designs of the above pictures & create something really lovely. Hopefully!
     Now, I need to go to bed & get some rest because I have lots to do tomorrow. And studying HAS to be one of them. Hopefully my brain will be stuck on cardiac all day tomorrow & not paint & designing! Thats all I have for now.
     Oh yea, sometime last year we painted our bathroom & updated it some. I wasn't blogging then, so of course I didn't think about doing before & after pictures...haha. So, today I took some pictures of the bathroom because I bought a new rug to go in there & 2 new picture frames. So, when I get a chance & get everything up, I will post after pictures of our bathroom. Well, I guess it would be considered after 1 & after 2. HAHA. I ordered 2 8x10 white mated picture frames to go above the toliet. I'm going to put a black & white picture of 2 different places we went on our honeymoon in them. I think it's going to turn out great. I'm really excited.
     OK, now I'm going to bed. Night yall!     xoxoxo-Katherine

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