March 1, 2011


     Today would have been my husbands grandma's 83rd birthday. Even though I never knew her, it's hard on days like this not to think about what it would have been like to have known her. It's also days like this that make me miss my grandparents so much. I was 16 years old when I lost my last grandparent. It's strange, but it bothers more & more as I get older. When I was 16 years old, I didn't have a good understanding of what having a grandparent meant. I always took them for granted. Now, I wish I had them to talk to & to go visit. I wish my grandparents could have seen me all dressed up for prom, for my graduation, my wedding, & the list goes on & on. I wish I would have spent more time with them. I can't go back & do that now, but I do think about them all the time. I replay the last things they said to me all the time & smile because I know that I had grandparents that loved & cared for me. I was blessed to have loving grandparents. I miss them dearly, but I know that they are in a better place. They are healthy & walking the streets of heaven with our Father.
     I've been lucky to have married a wonderful man with such wonderful grandparents. They have "adopted me" as one of their grand-daughter's & it feels wonderful to be introduced as "this is my grand-daughter Katherine" again. They are so sweet & I thank God for giving me an opportunity to have them in my life. I still miss my grandparents so much, but I know that they are with me in spirit wherever I go & whatever I do, I will always have them in my heart.
     If you are fortunate enough to still have your grandparents, don't take them for granted. They won't be here forever. Make the phone call or the visit & tell them you love them.



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