September 18, 2012


I'm soo excited! I just ordered a pre-made design for my blog over at Designer Blogs!! I'm so excited to see what it looks like. I also added some add-ons. You guys should definitely go check the site out. I was so sick of my drab looking blog. Now, hopefully I will have a cute stylish blog. Not quite sure how exactly the whole process works, but hopefully it will go smoothly. I'm not sure if she will add the design or if it will be sent to me & I will have to manually do it? Either way, I'm stoked!
This past weekend was pretty good. I worked friday night & actually had a pretty good night. Saturday J had a race so we were at the track all day. Wasn't a very good race, but I was proud of him anyway. He worked on the car all last week, & then something broke on the car saturday. There is only 2 races left this season. Hopefully he can get the car fixed & straightened out for next season. I feel some wins coming for us next year!
We are going to be painting our kitchen walls & cabinets pretty soon. I get so stressed out when we are fixing to start on a project because I have such a hard time making decisions. I have discovered an awesome website called Houzz. The site is amazing & thats where we are looking for ideas. Later on when I have more time, I will post some pictures of some ideas that we are thinking about.
I really want to paint, get new appliances, new hardwood flooring, & new countertops. However, that is just not possible for us to do all at one time. We are going to start by painting & eventually make some of the other purchases at a later date.
I watched on show on HGTV last night that was pretty awesome. It was called Love It or List It. 9 times out of 10, the people would Love It. You guys should definitely check it out.
I have lots to do so I will be back later. Hope you guys are having a great day!

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