September 5, 2012

A Look Inside

So far I am loving my Erin Condren Life Planner. It is definitely been well worth the money. It keeps me on task & I look forward to checking off my to-do's & filling in my monthly plan! I have also been using my Family Binder along with the Life Planner. The Family Binder goes into wayy more detail & I keep up with all sorts of things there. I will be posting another blog about that later. For now, I have some pictures of my Life Planner. Sorry for the awful pictures & lighting!
There are places to put weekly goals & to do lists:
Laminated montly tabs make it easy to find your spot & they're very sturdy!
Keep it together pocket. I like this pocket, but things tend to slide out pretty easily. So, I wouldn't put anything important here. There is a zip sleeve at the back of the binder that is great for holding things.
This is of course my lovely cover! =)
This is my month of August.
This is the month of August also, but it's broken down into days. Morning, Day, & Nights so you can be even more on point! Ha!
These are the lovely stickers that come in the back of the planner. You may also buy extra at checkout. I love these!!
So, there you have it. A quick, inside look. It has made me so much more organized! Which was the WHOLE point! It's so cute & makes me want to be organized & colorful! I wish the pictures were better, but you guys get the idea! I hope everyone is having a lovely day!
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