June 16, 2011

My Fingers are Crossed!

     As most of you know, I recently finished up nursing school & had been preparing to take the state board. Well, I took the state board yesterday. =/ Honestly, I thought it was awful. I felt as though I had to guess at every question. All the answers seemed the same. I cried as soon as I got in my car. I had 75 questions. The max number you can have is 265 questions. So, that means I either did really well & answered high level questions or I did REALLY poorly. I'm trying to stay positive, but the waiting is KILLING me. I have to wait until tomorrow at 11:30am to find out my results. Some of my friends keep asking me how it was & all I can tell them is that it's nothing like any other test that I've ever had. I thought I was prepared for the test after the hundreds of hours I put into studying, but I don't think any amount of studying can prepare you for that test! Waiting is the hardest part though. I wish I could just go to the board of nursing website & put in my name & it comes up that I have been issued a license. Before taking the boards, other nurses had told me that it was pretty tough & that it was pretty normal to come out of it thinking "Oh my gosh, that was the hardest thing ever....I so failed!". However, they also said that that's the way the NCLEX is designed to make you THINK you failed. Basically, the test is just trying to see whether or not you are safe to practice as a nurse. I can not wait until tomorrow to find out my results! Ok, I'm through venting & stressing now! haha. Thanks for listening! I just needed to get it out! Hopefully about this time tomorrow, I will be doing a post titled "It's OFFICIAL! I'm Katherine C., RN .." Please everyone say a little prayer for me today! My emotions are running high & I feel like this is a HOUSE sitting on my shoulder & I'm ready for it to be LIFTED so I can breathe! THANKS!

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  1. If it cut off after 75 questions you probably passed with flying colors! I was scared to death after I finished (mine cut off at 75 too) but I passed!! Let me know how it goes!!


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