June 13, 2011

Change of Plans & Procrastination =/

     Well, I won't be going with my friend to take her boards today. She text me this morning & told me that their had been a change of plans. So, I was pleased to know that I was already up since I had set my alarm clock for 7am and could get a lot of studying in today. I just knew that I could get to studying for my boards right off the bat.
     Wrong, I went to the office & got on the computer. No, I wasn't on the National Council website answering NCLEX questions. I was on facebook. I told myself I was just getting on there to check it and not to navigate around to about 50 different peoples pages. However, this is much harder than it seems. You see, you're on one person's page, then, you see a person and think "Man, wonder what they're up to now days" and quickly click on their profile. Then you see a pretty profile picture of a friend on that page & think "O my she has her wedding pictures online now, I must look at them". Ok, you guys get the picture. Facebook is so addicting.
     I stayed on facebook for probably about 45 minutes which isn't too bad, but too long when you have other things you need to doing instead. Like studying for your state boards!
     After facebook, I turned on my laptop and went and got back in the bed to answer some NCLEX questions on the computer. BAD IDEA. The bed will make you sleepy! I answered about 40 questions and then my eyes starting closing and I was dosing off. So, I decided I would take a nap.
     After my nap, which was nice by the way, I started doing NCLEX once again. I have done about 20 since waking from my nap....AND NOW LOOK WHAT I'M DOING! Blogging. Yes, I have been procrastinating ALL morning long and it is now 11:20.
     I have determined that it is VERY hard to get anything done on a computer because there are so many distractions on here. If its not facebook its blogger. If its not twitter its shopping at Rue La La. O boy, its going to be a long day. But, I WILL GET THESE QUESTIONS DONE.
     Do any of you guys experience the same problems? Or am I just a wierdo who lets procrastination take over me?! Ha.

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