January 9, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday To Me!!! I am 25 years old today. Halfway to 50, oh my! It just feels like another day. I miss being little when your birthday seemed like the best day of the year & you got lots of presents! Haha. Is that bad? My husband says its my birthday everyday of the year, because I am always buying myself "presents". He is too funny some times! My great aunt BB died this morning around 4am. I hate I didn't know her better. She was such a sweet lady. God definitely gained a wonderful angel. I just hate my birthday now has to be shared with the death of a loved one. We plan on going out to dinner tonight with family. I get to choose where I want to go & I haven't decided if I want Outback or Texas Roadhouse. I am going to meet Jason for lunch in a little while. I have been working on a photo book of our Honeymoon all morning. We already have a little photo book, but I wanted a really nice one. I just got a new digital camera last week so I plan on taking tons of pictures from here on out. I feel like Jason & I have hardly any pictures of our first few years together. Hardly any since our wedding & honeymoon. Jason surprised me with a trip to Las Vegas for Christmas! I am soooo looking forward to it & plan on taking lots of pics then! I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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