June 12, 2012

Just Another Day

     Seems as though it has been for ever since I've posted. Well, it actually has been a while. I'm not very good with keeping up with this. I need to get better so I can capture our ever changing, fast paced life. Seems like days just fly by now. I wish they would slow down just a little bit.
     I'm really enjoying working weekends now. Well, let me be honest...I don't enjoy working every single weekend, but the people I work with make it all worth it. I couldn't ask to work with a better group. I've also been really lucky at finding people to switch or work for me on the saturdays that Jason races. So I've been pretty happy about that. However, Jason has decided that he is going to be racing this coming saturday and I have to work. It's really too late to try and find someone to switch with me now at work. This will be the first race that I haven't been to. I'm pretty bummed about it. He has promised me that he will text me updates. I know he will, but it will definitely NOT be the same as being there.
     Chloe has gotten so much better with her potty training. She has only had a few acidents in the house in the last few weeks. It has been so nice! I'm so proud of her! I'm lucky to have such great dog babies! They love to sleep!! Which works awesome for me. HA! We love to take long naps. Especially on rainy days! Chloe takes naps with us in the bed, but at night time, she sleeps in her crate.
     I have pretty much postponed going back to school right now to get my Bachelors. I really don't look forward to going back. I originally wanting to go back so I could be a school nurse, however, the longer at work at the hospital, the more I love my job. I love the fact that I only work 3 nights a week and have 4 days off every single week! It's amazing! And lets not forget the nights when I get a call about 5:10 pm telling me they are going to put me on call! Oh, how happy that makes me! HA! I've pretty much decided that I love the hours that I work and how flexible my job is and the fact that I don't have to wake up in the mornings. I don't know if I could actually do a job now that was 5 days a week and have to wake up so early in the morning. Thats why I'm not rushing to go back to school as of right now.
     Jason had a race this past weekend. He qualified 3rd and finished 3rd. We were very excited! He's getting closer and closer every week to a win! We were also blessed to bring the car home in one piece. The whole race seemed like a crash fest and boy were tempers rising!
     I have decided that I want to try to start cooking. Yes, me cooking! I really need too. All this fast food is definitely not doing my body any good. Jason never gains a pound, however, I gain weight for him plus me! Its definitely not fair! I have no idea where to start with the cooking. I will definitely let you know how it goes! Think I will end on that note today =)

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