August 7, 2011

It's been too long!

     I know it's been forever. I started to feel guilty beause I haven't blogged in so long. I was doing great for a while & then I let it fall through the cracks. I thought that when I finished school, I would have more time to blog. Honestly, I didn't do much of anything besides relax for those few weeks before I started work. I also thought that I would have a more stable schedule at work & it would be good for my blogging because I could get a schedule going. Boy was I wrong all together! Anyway, I'm back & hopefully for good.
     I want to blog to capture the little things that are going on in my life. I have a bad memory or at least it seems that way to me. So, I want a way to keep up with everything & I think blogging is a good way to do that. I'm going to try & not focus on my "stats" & how many followers I have anymore. I'm doing this blog for me & one day my family to look back on. I'm going to try & post more pictures on my blog also. I need to start taking more pictures all together. So, making myself put pictures in my blogs will force me to have to take more pictures.
     I have started work now. I like it so far. All except my schedule, which will hopefully change soon. I'm in orientation now, so my schedule has been different every week since I started. I even had to get up at 4am for two days to go into work. It was NOT fun. I'm definitely NOT a morning person which is why I like to work nights. lol. I did it though. Right now I'm in the recovery room & I love it. My preceptor is awesome! She has taught me so much! She takes the time to talk & walk me through everything. It slows down her day, but she doesn't mind because she is an awesome teacher. I got to spend a day with the PICC line nurse. That was pretty interesting. I think one day it may be something that I'm interested in. I love the hospital I work in. Everyone has been so welcoming. You are always greeted with a smile & friendly hello when you pass someone in the halls. The only thing that I'm having problems with are my feet. They are KILLING me by the time I get off work. I'm working long hours & I'm on my feet 95% of the time. I have tried different shoes, but so far I haven't found any that keep my feet from hurting. My friend Krystie & I went to a scrub outlet friday morning & I got a pair of Alegria shoes. People say they are really good shoes & that they help your feet & your back. So, I guess we will see. I really hope they help. I also got my first pair of Grey's Anatomy scrubs. They are heavenly! They feel so good on! I think from now on, I will only buy Grey's!
     I think in my last post I talked about whats been going on with J & racing. His orange #6 late model is no longer able to be raced. It's ruined. Someone intentionally wrecked him some weeks back. So, we now have another late model car. I will post some pictures below of the wrecked car & the other late model he got. The new late model is not brand new, but it's new to us. I like it, but its not the orange car. I loved the orange late model. It was a gorgeous race car.
This is a picture of the gorgeous #6 Late Model taken earlier this year
at DMS. This was just a few short weeks before it was destroyed.
This picture makes me want to cry! I loved this car!
This next picture is a picture taken the morning after the car was
wrecked. This picture makes me mad looking at it. Some non-driving
idiot is the reason why this happened. It was 100% preventable.
Another picture of the wreckage. =(
Now, this is the newest edition!
And again...
     J's next race is this coming saturday & I can hardly wait! We haven't been able to race in weeks & I don't know who its bothered more, me or J. I think me! haha. My daddy is really anxious to get back too. He loves just as much as we do, if not more!
     We've had a great weekend so far. It's just going by way too fast. I wish it would slow down just a little. Friday J & I went out to dinner with my parents. Yesterday, J worked at the shop till about 4 then we went to the ville & I got a new laptop! YAY =) I love it so far. After leaving Bestbuy, we then went out to dinner to my favorite restaurant Logan's Roadhouse. Today we are going to the movies to see The Change Up. I think it's going to be a pretty funny movie & I'm looking forward to it.
     Speaking of Bestbuy & my laptop...never again will I go to Bestbuy or any other store on tax-free weekend. They are ripping people off. Last weekend I went to Bestbuy to get a laptop, but they didn't have it in stock but they had it in stock in another store close by. We decided that we would wait till tax-free weekend to go get it since it was only a week away. Well, we went in the store yesterday & they had jacked the price up on the laptop $30 from the previous weekend. So, you don't save any money at all by it being tax-free. I actually spent a little more. In my opinion, the whole tax-free weekend is a big rip off. These stores want you to think you're getting a good deal, however, they've just jacked the prices up. I had a wireless mouse that I had seen the previous weekend at Bestbuy & it was $19.99. Low & behold it was a whopping $29.99 yesterday!
     I am almost finished reading The Help. I know, I know....I've been reading it forever now! I'm a slow reader to start with & I read for a few days & then I'll put it down for a week or two. I plan to have it finished in a few days because I really want to see the movie when it comes out.
     Ok, I think I'm caught up! Hopefully. I plan on starting to be more regular with my blogging so I don't have to have long rambling blogs like this anymore!! =)

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  1. sorry to hear about the car...but good luck to J in the next race! have a great weekend


    ps i'm your newest follower


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